Disney Inspired Cabaret – Queen of Hearts

This weekend was such a BLAST! There is so much to tell so I’ll break it up into several posts.

First and foremost I want to thank Nicci B and Smoove for providing an amazing space and working so hard to bring Disney to life! We had video projections provided by Blockhouse Studio, and cast of amazing and wonderfully talented performers!

My first number of the night was the Queen of Hearts. The costume was designed by Johna Sewell and then patterned and stitched by both of us. The wig is a Luthien in Mahogany from Arda Wigs with a tiny Thibra crown attached on top.


I’ve never worn anything so sexy and revealing. I have to say that it was a pleasure to sweat uncontrollably while covered in pleather! LOL! We were sewing for 60+ hours on all the costumes that I wore in this show and I have to say I was 100% pleased with everything that came to the stage.

Please enjoy these videos captured by Sara, Sara, and Liza!


The second number is from the Nightmare Before Christmas, stay tuned!!